Mortgage Help
Interest rates are low, refinancing would only help you to pay less per month, which would ease your financial burdens, but guess what - you can't get approved. Seems like a real Catch-22! That's because banks and mortgage lenders are happy to lend money if they feel you can pay it back. If you don't have a good track record of timely payments or if you've missed payments, they don't want to help you at all. In fact, the best rates banks and other lenders offer go to the people with the best credit ratings.
That's why we are here. To help you, to get a better credit score and therefore make you worthy of the offers that are available.
Once you have engaged us for service, we will make every attempt to assist you in your future endeavors to obtain a mortgage or refinance an existing mortgage.
Request a FREE Credit Correction Consultation
All we ask is that you DO NOT APPLY for credit of any kind including loans, store cards or refinancing with existing lenders until after we've done all we can to restore your credit rating to an attractive level. After that, we will assist you in obtaining a mortgage or obtaining refinancing by referring you to someone within our network of lenders.