Credit Correction
Clearing your good name and restoring your credit rating is essentially based on federal statutes and the skill, experience and legal knowledge necessary to work with the credit reporting agencies and creditors to re-establish your financial profile. Our credit counselors work with you to affect positive change on your credit report.
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There is nothing magical or mystical about what we do. We simply work through the necessary steps to undo the damage that has been done. It has taken you a long time to negatively affect your credit rating, we will work with you to change that rating by using the knowledge we have and helping you to budget, plan and pay off or charge off the items that are negatively affecting your credit. This will allow you to move forward to a better, more solid financial situation.
We do not suggest you consolidate your debts nor do we give you more credit cards. Instead, we methodically plan with you the best way to pull out of your situation. Our credit counselors are familiar with the major creditors and can help you to work within their rules to positively change your credit rating.
There is no obligation to use our services. To find out more about what we can do help you, please take advantage of our Free Consultation.