About Us
Correct Credit Company, Inc. as the name implies, has been in the business of restoring credit to those whose reputations have been tarnished for over 25 years. Our team of experienced credit experts and customer service representatives have only one aim and that is to help you improve your credit.
The burden of living on cash alone is difficult. A good credit rating is a necessity in today's world. Whether you are looking to:
  • purchase or refinance a home
  • rent an apartment
  • buy a car
  • lower your insurance premium (yes, insurance companies also want people who pay on time!)
  • obtain a cellular phone
  • obtain a store credit card
  • recover from an identity theft

Your credit rating is key to the ease of obtaining and the rates at which you can obtain the items you need to live day-to-day.
We will assist you in restoring your good name and achieving a high credit score. Our credit counselors are experienced in dealing with the various credit bureaus and creditors. Your individual situation will always be handled by a representative who has your best interests at heart.
Please call us at 732-657-8800 and we will direct you to our office nearest you. Request a FREE Credit Correction Consultation here.